• Competition 1st prize
  • View inside the equipped wall on the new lecture hall.
  • In this renewal project of a XVIII century building, a few contemporary elements are added to an existing structure that is full of potential. The new elements clarify the original organization of spaces, that was blurred due to many interventions within a long period of time.
  • 1. Accessibility is paramount in the project.
    2, 3. A new access location gives the old orchard a new meaning.
    4. The old loggia is reactivated by means of an exterior lecture area.
  • Studies of first and floor plans
  • Floor plan
  • First floor with new reading room and equipped wall, where smaller research spaces are implemented.
  • The equiped space intimate spaces are inspired by "San Jerónimo in his cabinet" by Antonello da Messina, circa 1475.
  • Access hall
  • Reading room. A single material,  ochre-dyed wood, clads the space completely, giving it a warm golden atmosphere.
  • Sustainable materials implementation
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Baiona Library Competition. 1st prize. Pontevedra, Spain
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