This is the result of connecting two small apartments. We concentrate all the wardrobes and kitchen appliances in the bearing wall in the middle so that all the rest of the space is open an available. In the thickness of this wide wall we hide sliding doors to occasionally divide the space.
Interior Design
  • To get a flexible space, the partitions in this apartment can be hidden inside thick wall of wardrobes to reconfigure the diferent rooms.

    Photos by: Miguel de Guzmán
  • The renovation included the addition of the apartment nextdoor. 
    To get the most out of the new space, we concentrated all wardroves and kitchen attached to the main supporting wall in the middle. 
    This way the living area could have all the balconies and the kitchen's windows open to the patio
  • Hidden inside the closets at the thick divinding wall, sliding doors can reconfigure the house for multiple purposes:
    left to right

    1- inviting friends for dinner (closing the kitchen and bedroom for intimacy)
    2- cooking (isolating the kitchen for smoke)
    3- sunday morning 
    4- guests at home
    5- late night study
    6- saturday night party
  • Sequence 1 - Do you need some privacy between living room and bedroom?
  • Photo © Miguel de Guzmán
  • Photo © Miguel de Guzmán
  • Photo © Miguel de Guzmán
  • Sequence 2 - need an extra room for guests?
  • Photo © Miguel de Guzmán
  • Photo © Miguel de Guzmán
  • Photo © Miguel de Guzmán
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