View from upper level and dinning room
An artist from New York bought a land with a lake Upstate. He was planning to build a house and studio to spend part of the week away from the city. When we talked about the idea he had in mind, he mentioned "Burnt by the Sun", the Russian film from 1994 by Nikita Mikhalkov.
Entrance. A place to take off snowy boots

View from the library upstairs

This house studio adopts the american traditional technology of wood construction in order to achieve an inhabitable and convenient 'equipped shed'. 
Located next to a lake in the north of NY state, this house also emphasizes the outdoor living by implementing a system of porche-boxes defined by the user.
Inside the warehouse, a set of rooms-boxes are introduced in time, finding its place and fitting its dimensions to the existing situation... We imagined a house that is a  domestic micro-environment, labirynth-like and plenty of accidents that triggers a pleasant domestic life. 
Construction detail 
Exploded axonometric
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