The project proposes dwellings facing both sides of the block.
The typical hallway organization adapts to a very irregular plot, maximizing the perimeter and optimizing circulations.
The entrance to the apartments in the central section of the building jump over the main patio at different levels, like private bridges.
This system of galleries and bridges create a public space for circulations, light and green, like a tirdimensional branched square, surrounded and crossed by bridges. A place for social encounters among neighbourghs, a place to define the public and collective identity of the building.
View of the entrance to one of the apartments.
The main façade is perceived as a linear plane, following the line of the hallways that enclose the patio, a public space for communications, light and vegetation. Some bridges connect these hallways with the apartments. 
This branched square surrounded and crossed by footbridges, is a place for interactions between neighbors. The place that gives a public and collective identity to the building.
Façade detail
Tree house competition: Murado & Elvira + Krahe
Team: Eugenia Concha, Arancha Montero
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