Murado & Elvira is a Madrid-based multidisciplinary office founded by Juan Elvira and Clara Murado in 2003 dedicated to innovative architecture and interior design.
Our work has been awarded in many national and international competitions, and has been exhibited at prestigious venues as the Mostra Internazionale de Architettura di Venezia or the Bienal de Arquitectura Española. It has been finalist at the norwegian national architecture prize Staten Byggeskikkpris 2012 and selected at the Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2013.
With a youthful team of professionals, our coming projects are covering different scales and scopes, from housing and renewals to public buildings.
We design spaces to breathe. Relaxed, loose fit environments that allow for a immediate personal appropriation of the user.
We propose a sustainable approach to design, where user participation, shared creativity and building techniques seek to benefit both society and nature.

Architect - ETSAM Madrid / Spain, 1997
Master - MSAAD Columbia GSAPP, 2000
Speaks Spanish, Galician, English and Italian

Clara Murado was born in Lugo, a cold and rainy city in Galicia, Spain. She studied architecture in Madrid ETSAM and spent one year at the IUAV in Venezia (Italy). She met Juan Elvira during her academic career and started their collaboration right there. After completing her architecture degree, she took a Masters Degree in Advanced Architecture Design in Columbia, New York. Back to Spain, she founded Murado & Elvira along with his partner.
Clara is a Project Design Associated Professor at the Universidad de Arquitectura de Alcalá and visiting professor at national and international schools.
Along with her academic and professional career, she runs an editorial task as editor and director of diverse architectural publications. Her love for graphic design and visual thinking (only equaled by butter cookies and the music of Nick Cave) lead to the funding in 2015 of M&E Gráfico, the bi-dimensional twin of M&E Arquitectos. Some times both disciplines happily blend.
Architect - ETSAM Madrid / Spain, 1997
Master - MSAAD Columbia GSAPP, 2000
PhD Architect - ETSAM Madrid / Spain 2014
Speaks Spanish, English and Italian

Juan Elvira was born in Badajoz, a hot and dry city in Spain. He studied architecture in Madrid ETSAM and spent one year at the IUAV in Venezia (Italy). He met Clara Murado during his academic career and started their collaboration right there. After completing his architecture degree, he also studied an advanced design master in Columbia University, New York (2000). When he returned to Spain, he worked for Arquitectura, the oldest architecture publication in Spain. Soon he co-founded his own magazine and finally founded Murado & Elvira Architects along with his partner.
He obtained his Phd degree with honors in 2015. The manuscript, called “Ghost Architecture. Space and the production of Ambient Effects” has been awarded with 1st mention at Arquia/Tesis foundation thesis prize in 2015 and has been finalist at the Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura 2016. He anxiously expects it to be published soon.
Juan is Project Design Associated professor at the ETSAM, Urban Design professor at IE University, and visiting professor at national and international schools.  
Along with his academic and professional career, he also runs a critical and editorial task, as editor of diverse architectural publications and author of numerous essays in specialized books and journals.
-2024 CSCAE Architecture Prize. Building. Aceleradora unoentrecienmil. Selected
-2024 Finalists Advanced Architecture Awards 2024 REBUILD "Proyecto de Construcción Industrializada / Offsite Modular Construction Project"  Aceleradora unoentrecienmil
-2023 XVI BEAU Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennal. Investigation. Itinera Vitae Finalist
-2023 CSCAE Architecture Prize. Investigation. Itinera Vitae Finalist
-2021 XV BEAU Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennal. Baiona Library Finalist
-2019 Build 2019 Innovators in Design, Cat House
-2019 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award. Nominee. Baiona Library
-2018 Gran de Area Award - Baiona Library
-2018 I Premio Arquitectura Ibérica Lledó- Finalist - Baiona Library
-2018 Competition for the Refurbishment of an old school into a Cultural Centre in Los Molinos. Runner up
- 2017 Resctricted competition for Red Cross Majadahonda. Finalist
- 2016 Restricted competition for SelectaHome. First Prize
· Teknobyen student housing in Trondheim selected at XII Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2013
·Trondheim Municipality Energy efficiency price for Teknobyen student housing Trondheim (Trondheim Kommune Energispareprisen, 2012)
· Finalist of Norway National Architecture. Statens Byggeskikkpris 2012
· Selected by ArquitecturaPlus magazine among the 44 best international architects in 2008
· House in an oak grove nominated for Spanish Architectural Prize in 2007
· 2011-2008. Student Housing in Trondheim, Norway. Europan International competition 1st prize. Finalist at Norway National
· 2010. Library and historical archive in Baiona, Spain. Under construction. Competition 1st prize.  
. 2009. Sustainable Offices in Badajoz, Spain. Competition 2nd prize.  
. 2003. Social Centre in Meira, Moaña, Spain. Competition 2nd prize.
. 2002. Banco Pastor Training Centre in Mondego, A Coruña, Spain. Competition 2nd prize.
. 2001. Oeste Magazine of architecture. Competition 1st prize.
. 2001. Experimental housing in Barakaldo, Bilbao, Spain. International Competition Runner up.  
. 2000. Plaza de España renovation in Badajoz, Spain. Competition 2nd prize


· 2018. Archipaper. Dibujos desde el plano. Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Buenos Aires. AECID
· 2015. Arquitectura Dispuesta. Centro Centro Cibeles, Madrid.
· 2015. Export. Spanish Architecture Abroad. Fundación ICO, Madrid.
. 2014. Freshabroad. Matadero Madrid.
· 2010. Loading Madrid 2010, Construtec. Feria de Madrid IFEMA.
· 2010. Cartográfica, Matadero, Madrid.
· 2010. Arquitectura sin Papel, Belaymont, European Comission in Brussels, May 17th.
· 2010. Cóctel Editorial Bastardo: publicaciones independientes de arquitectura. Directorio España. Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura-Medellín Ciudad Abierta entre October 2010 y January 2011.
· 2009. De lo construido a la arquitectura sin papel. Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios.
· 2008. 11 Mostra Internazionale di Architettura di Venecia, Spanish pavilion, September 14th to November 23th.
· 2008. Europan 9: Burning questions, Young Architecture on New Public Spaces. HDA Haus der ArchitekturGraz, Austria, April 16-30th.
· 2008. 100% Crudo. Fundación COAM, Madrid.
· 2007. 44 Young Architects Event. Centre d'Art Santa Mònica in Barcelona, October 17th.
· 2006. 44 Young Architects Event. Casa de la Concha, Santiago de Compostela, October 11th.
· 2006. FreshMadrid, travelling exhibition:
        2006. CIVA, Centre International pour la Ville, l'Architecture et le Paysage, Brussels.
        2006. Ras Gallery, Barcelona.
        2006. Museo de Bogotá, Colombia. Centro Cultural Planetario Colombia.
        2006. Palacio de Congresos de Pamplona. CENER-CIBARQ-06
        2006. Fundación COAM, Madrid.
· 2006. Abierto. Fundación COAM,
· 2004. Galicia XXI Architecture. Embajada de España en Estados Unidos, Washington, July-August.
· 2004. Proyectos en Mondego. Fundación Barrié de la Maza, A Coruña, January-March.
· 2004. Aula Forestal en Mondoñedo. Casa da Conga COAG, Santiago de Compostela.
Consellería de Medio Ambiente de la Xunta de Galicia. (Travelling exhibition).
· 2003. Casa de Cultura en Meira. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia, Vigo.
· 2002. Espacios Tácticos. Archilab, Orleáns, France, May.
· 2001. El árbol y la nube, Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid.
· 2000. Versioning, Buell Center, Columbia University, New York, June.
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