Aerial view Montereal peninsula, Baiona.
A walled fortress with concentric limits: a public promenade, the stone wall and the forest surrounding more private areas.
Peninsula model with the Hotel, gardens.
The Spa is located between the public promenade and the hotel open air swimming pool.
It should be able to manage the exposure of the spot with the intimacy needed in the interior of the building.
Preliminary sketchs. Atmospheres, temperatures...
spa main floor
Spa plan.
It is an open space with all the treatments and swimming pools. 
spa drawing
Sketch of main volumes, with the public promenade, connection to hotel, private green areas and exterior hotel swimming pool

spa program
Gym: like a bubble inside the spa but with an independent access. 
Rehydratation: Central position, a place to find towels, water bottles, etc...
Roof: flooded roof. Good bioclimatic and environmental behavior.
spa treatments
Wet treatments
shower area drawing
spa views
Spa interior. Garden and swimming pools
baiona spa elevations and sections
Long section an principal façade
The lattice in the wall protects from views and offers a contextual image from the far views from the town. 
parador view
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