Cat House Entrance View
Entrance view
Build 2019 Innovators in Design Award
This house sits in the plot just as a cat would do, making itself confortable in the best spot, coiling around a central patio, enjoying the warmth of the sun on its back.
The main entrance is located across a small patio that appears like a courtyard in the heart of the house. The life of the house unfolds around a small tree in the middle of this courtyard, allowing for crossed visions through interior and exterior spaces.
The first floor is divided in two areas: the parents area on one side and the kids area on the other. The bridge connecting both, the study area, faces over the courtyard and the living room.
Cat House Ground Floor Plan
Ground floor
Cat House First Floor Plan
First floor
Cat House Longitudinal Section
Longitudinal section through patio
Cat House Section
Cat House Living Room View
Living room
Cat House Kitchen View
Cat House Main Bedroom
Main bedroom
Cat House Cat
Cat House - Selecta HOME
Team: Christine Gutiérrez-Chevalier
Infographics: Space Technologies
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