youth center
Main view of the building in the surrounding park
This Cultural Centre is a park for experiences, a structure that offers a landscape for interactions, where the user has an active role and is not just an spectator. We propose an architecture that invites to be explored, a ludic space that  increases the possibilities for  choice, a vertical expansion of the urban realm.
idea diagrams
Circulation spaces are just a prologation of the programed areas of the building and so they are also places to interact and meet. Different users, different circulations, different speeds.
Each one of the floors of the building
7th and 8th floors - park and gym
hostel bedrooms
5th and 6th floors. Hostel and administration
mediateque and workshops
3dr and 4th floors. Media library and workshops
rehearsal units
1st and 2nd floors. Auditorium and Music zone
Auditorium sketches and models
Ground floor
Ground floor and 1st floor. Entrance lobby. Auditorium
youth center
8TH FLOOR > gym
7TH FLOOR > park, sports, camping zone
6TH FLOOR > offices, administration
5TH FLOOR > hostel bedrooms
4TH FLOOR > workshops
3TH FLOOR > media library
2ND FLOOR > music zone
1ST FLOOR > auditorium
GROUND FLOOR > entrance lobby
View from the highway at night.
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