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nest checkers
Can we think about buildings as individuals belonging to different species with their own identity?
As it happens in other realms, architecture possesses attributes that render feasible to establish empathy relationships with users and viceversa, and it is possible to consider this affective links as a working material for disciplinary practice. Operating with subjective parameters, this ‘architectonic species’ statement refers to the formal explicitness of its performative abilities, and calls for a conciliation amongst the project and its context, in order to tighten bonds amid users and buildings, between the city and its citizens. As some sociologists claim, we have recovered a usefulness relationship with non-humans beyond economic profit, and beyond fulfillment of the its mere needs and direct interdependence. As architecture conciliates its shape after mediating with our programmed necessities in a long-lasting refining process, these ‘urban messengers’ aim to establish an interdependence relationship, where their natural propensities ask to be complemented.
haugerud snow
Haugerud Center longs for a new identity, that may come from a unique orientation towards supplying goods and services related with the sustainable exploitation of natural resources: fair trade, responsible shopping, eco-mmerce... ranging from an ecological market that occupies the ground floor, to other kinds of high quality nature related shops that might be found in the upper floor. A new look should accompany this inner change of spirit, for which Haugerud Center applies for "erasing" strategies. The fading of its articulated volumes through color and material, in order to give back a new visual image that will make it recognizable.
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Urban diagnosis 
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health center
Transformed into ‘Nest Checkers’, potential users enagage in a building curating process, and play a key role to achieve an easygoing balance between complementaries, overcoming the visual experience and goes further into haptic senses. In this Involving Urbanism, architecture assumes smallness, pleasentness and cuteness as strategies to assimilate and aprehend complexity. Perceived as toys, mascotsor pets, architectures deny long distance presence, and appears as susceptible of receiving our affection, close to our experience and defining a new frontier in the cultural Exchange. Nest Checkers recalls an involving dialectic contract between user and architecture.
concert view
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