main elevation
Siberia is a dry and hot area in Extremadura, Spain. The proposal is for an administrative building that would serve the agricultural population in the surroundings. 
The building tries to save all the existing trees in the plot, leaving some patios inside the building that would define the different service areas and, at the same time, serve as transition and gathering areas. A concrete lattice wraps all the building, protecting from sun and light.
section drawings public building
CIT SIBERIA, Herrera del Duque, Badajoz
MEK (Murado & Elvira + Krahe)
Competition team: Aránzazu Montero (architect), Justo García Sanz-Calcedo and Francisco Cuadros (engineering), Belén Nieto Sandoval (architect, bioclimatic architecture expert) Project Management: Carlos Rubio Manso, José Joaquín Escribano (surveyors), Falero & Laín (engineering)
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