Physical model showing some of the multiple configurations 
This is a competition entry for the new street kiosks in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea was to design a new urban pavilion with a strong identity. It should be clearly identified as "Stockholm Kiosk"
The pavilion would come in three different sizes, Mini, Midi, Maxi and should fit in three different urban conditions: in a sidewalk, a square and an urban beach.
In our proposal, we played with the idea of the crown (the city logo) as the basic shape that would define the volume of the kiosks. Taking one fourth of the crown as the basic module, we are able to configure many different elements, all of them related directly to the crown shape, but not all of them in a literal way.
This basic modules would have some "add-ons", light structures to hold signage, lights and other infrastructures. Kiosks would be standing in the sidewalks like urban Knights in their armor.
kiosk drawings and ideas
street kiosk model cardboard and wire
construction elements
Structure and Add-ons (specialization)
Possible configurations
small kiosk
food kiosk
Food kiosk inside the Mini module 
beach kiosk
Changin booths closed with fabric divisions.
Outside, a light structure (the add-ons) provide an open air shower, a clock, barometer, signage... 
Stockholm kiosk competiotion.
Collaborator: Carolina Turmo
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